Powerful data and proactive support.

Cari is a strategic, neuroscience-based, AI workplace wellbeing platform – with real-time responses and support.

Enabling organisations to see behind a brave face, achieve peak performance and embed psychological safety.

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“Only by tailoring how we reach out to people will we engage them, elevate brain state and cure the workplace wellbeing crisis.”

Maria Paviour, Occupational Psychologist, Neuroscientist and Founder of Wellbeing with Cari

3 out of 4 workers put on a Brave Face

But how do you see behind this brave face ‘in the moment’? How do you help people when they don’t realise themselves that they are unwell?

How do you ensure presentees engage in the right resource to rapidly return to peak performance?

Presenteeism is the greatest business risk today – impacting performance, health and the bottom line.

Over 25 years we have perfected the art of proactively and scientifically measuring levels of workplace wellbeing with Cari.

What does Cari do?

Wellbeing Consultations

Uses neuroscience-based questions to uncover true feelings, and accurately identify three levels of presentees, via confidential online wellbeing consultations

Image of brain with low wellbeing levels

Personalised Support Plans

Provides wellbeing support plans, based on brain state, to maximise engagement – and signposts to your existing initiatives, increasing their ROI

laptop showing wellbeing data dashboard and reporting

Data Dashboard & Reports

Provides a real-time data dashboard, extensive reporting , evidences your duty of care and integrates workplace wellbeing into all your HR processes

Is this You?

Head of HR/Wellbeing

“I want to ensure the psychological safety of my people, enhance employee benefits and get credible evidence-based data and reporting on their wellbeing.”

Financial Director

“I want to reduce the costs of poor employee health in the workplace, invest  in our people and increase performance and productivity.”

WellTech/Wellbeing Provider

“We want to improve and expand our offer to incorporate proven, neuroscience-based data to increase engagement.”

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How do we help you?

With Cari you receive unlimited technical and consultancy support for as long as you need it. 

If you haven’t got the bandwidth, we have. We’re here to ensure that you achieve your strategic workplace wellbeing objectives and a positive ROI.  

Sarah Restall - Wellbeing With Cari consultant

World-Class Consultants

Our workplace wellbeing experts, led by Sarah Restall, are here to hand-hold you every step of the way, from set up to interpreting reports and actioning next steps.

Stuart Paviour - wellbeing with cari consultant

Comms & Engagement Team

Stuart Paviour and his team will ensure that you achieve high levels of engagement in consultations and workplace wellbeing interventions, and positive messages are shared.

Polly Pomfrey - Wellbeing with Cari IT and Creative Development

Technical Support Team

We can work side by side on your technical set up and provide training too. If you just don’t have time, Polly Pomfrey and her team will be happy to help so you stay on track.

Three people outside an office

It’s all about the Brain

Cari’s consultation reveals an individual’s brain state. The lower my wellbeing, the less I can engage in any interventions.

By understanding brain state, Cari provides every individual with The Right Support, At the Right Time, In the Right Way.

This can include neuroscience-based coaching that creates change in minutes. Integral to your Cari package is the ability for your people to book a NeuChem® qualified coach immediately – fast tracking the benefits of progressing to an empowered and healthy brain state.

Search and Rescue of Wellbeing

Cari understands the nuances in people’s responses to their wellbeing consultation and is ‘spookily accurate’ in her report.

She validates their feelings and helps them feel empowered to improve their wellbeing. As well as signposting to human support, she gives tailored recommendations for movements that can change their brain chemistry and boost workplace wellbeing in just two minutes!

Do get in touch if you’d like to try out a wellbeing consultation with Cari.

You’re in the Driving Seat

Cari never takes a holiday – so you can. With Cari’s workplace wellbeing platform, you can integrate wellbeing support into absence, sickness, accident, exit interviews, leadership 360’s and many more HR processes.

Happiness = Performance. Cari can score brain capability and support all aspects of performance, including improved problem solving, decision making,  team cooperation and creativity.

Your dashboard – you connect the dots. You’ll be 100% in control with real-time anonymous, aggregated data and extensive reporting.

Read more about how Cari can help you.

Why Use Cari?

Cari has undertaken over 40,000 consultations already. She is proven to dramatically increase wellbeing in individuals by up to 35% and more.

Importantly, Cari meets all four of Deloitte’s 2020 best practice criteria for employers to gain over a 10x return on investment (ROI) from their workplace wellbeing interventions, largely from reducing the costs of presenteeism.

How many Presentees do you have?

With Cari you can measure this vital data for your organisation and act upon it.

Presenteeism is where people are at work, but unable to be at their most productive due to poor mental health, illness or injury.

During 2019-2020 we conducted a study into levels of workplace wellbeing and presenteeism. Over 4300 employees completed a wellbeing consultation with Cari. Analysis revealed that during the Covid period (March – Oct 2020), 74% were presentees.

We examined the data in detail to provide a comparison of workplace wellbeing and presenteeism pre and during the covid-19 pandemic.

graphic showing performing and non performing brains due to wellbeing levels

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Find out how Cari could help you to successfully address presenteeism and reach your organisations’ strategic wellbeing goals!

“We found that quite quickly after providing Cari, staff were learning about themselves, feeling happier and implementing her advice. My own consultation was very accurate.”

Simon Ralton, HR Business Partner, Watford Borough Council & Three Rivers District Council

“Cari has greatly enhanced the wellbeing offer within our mental health agenda. Team members say they are ‘massively impressed’. Cari’s available 24/7, so we can always be helping our people – and reducing the stress on our HR team!”

Carol Fox, Occupational Health and Safety, Shropshire Council

“Well I was impressed with Cari. She got me so well. I like the resources and tips in the support plan. It is excellent that these can be tailored to suit an organisation with signposting for further support if required.”

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, Manor Royal BID

“Cari provides employers with a proactive base to discharge their duty of care from both a statutory and common law perspective. I commend Cari to any organisation.”

Borough Lawyer, Bracknell Forest Council

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