Research and Whitepapers

14,373 public sector employees were given access to Cari. You can download the report and view the results and analysis of wellbeing levels, performance, financials and culture type ie Vampire, Zombie or Phoenix.

A number of councils and a UK-wide Government organisation took part in this study conducted in 2019.

Published: Wellbeing with Cari

A discussion on the immobilisation of NHS employees, hostile management culture and the relationship with patient safety

Published: The Maria Paviour Company Ltd

4 reasons organisations fail to find it

Published: The Maria Paviour Company Ltd

And how to guarantee a sustainable improvement in profit, performance, and wellbeing

Published: The Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Research and References

Thriving at Work (Stevenson Farmer 2017) UK Government commissioned report

Prime Minister Theresa May commissioned this independent review of mental health and employers by Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer (CEO of Mind) to discover how employers can better support all individuals currently in employment including those with mental ill health or poor well-being to remain in and thrive through work.

“Many employers are already creating healthy, inclusive workplaces, but more needs to be done so that employers provide the support needed for employees with mental health conditions.”

– Prime Minister Theresa May, January 2017

Cari - Wellbeing with Cari

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