Cari's History

Business begins in a small workshop on a farm in Barcombe, East Sussex.

Award Winners: Micro-'borough MultiMedia Demonstrator Programme. Maria Paviour develops interactive online materials for supporting communication, and designs and launches “Interactive Skills" psychometric tool based on Honey and Mumford's Inventor (The Times 16/10/96, The Argus 25/09/96, Sussex Business Times Dec 1996 )

Case Study: Maria Paviour's company is used as a case study for business growth by Business Link ('Move Your Business Forward', Business Link 1996 )

TV Coverage: Kate Bellingham of Tomorrow's World Launches the Micro'borough Project with BBC television coverage, BBC radio, and national press.(The Daily Telegraph 20/01/97, The Sussex Express 24/01/97, The Courier 24/01/97)

Technology: Maria’s Learning and Tech business launches a ground breaking interactive catalogue for learning and development (Sussex Express 11/12/98)

Award Winner: Maria and Stuart win a second DTI technology Award under the Multimedia Demonstrator Project. Rt Hon Barbara Roche MP comes to visit Maria and Stuart’s successful and award winning project (Financial Times 25/04/98, The Argus Business 07/04/98, South East Business 04/98, The Focus 04/98)

Award Winning Technology: Maria wins a European Award for developing award winning interactive, eLearning materials: “Understanding Stress” (the precursor to Cari® ). “Understanding Stress” launches in France and the UK. (The Argus Business 06/07/99)

Case Study: Maria Paviour's company is used as a case study for Multimedia at Work by the Information Society Initiative, sponsored by the DTI('Multimedia at Work Case Studies', Information Society Initiative 1999 )

Pilot of Cari An initial pilot of Cari® is run with Business Link. Early adopters included Ogilvie Booth Coles, ACCO, and the Learning and Skills Council.

Articles: Maria promotes the importance of wellbeing at work with a series of articles: "Office Stress is on the up - are you letting it get you down?" (Business News 09/99)

Technology Review: Maria’s software (Cari®) is reviewed by the CIPD's People Management Magazine: “The package offers employees a range of strategies and measures to prevent stress becoming a serious health and safety issue”.(People Management Magazine 29/07/99)

Book: Changing Vampires into Angels - Six Steps to Heaven in your Relationships published by Isiliver Books in 2002. Exploring how to improve relationships at work, with partners, in the family, and with children. Each step is simple to carry out, and an action plan helps the reader to monitor progress at every stage on their journey.

Technology Development: The team launch a series of online simple psychometric tools, Psimplometrics, to give people an insight into their behaviour, knowledge, and skills

Dragon's Den: Maria is invited, and declines to appear on the first series of Dragon's Den

The HSE launches 'Standards' for Managing Stress in the Workplace The Standards cover 6 key stressor areas: demands; control; support; relationships; role; organisational change - areas in which the Cari® questionnaire measures and analyses how people are thinking and feeling, and provides support for improvement. Cari® answers organisation's need to meet the HSE Standards.

Publication: The Guide To Well Being at Work - to support organisations in fulfilling the HSE management standards for stress in the workplace, Maria and Stuart published a guide with a new angle for L&D Professionals to support employees and improve emotional engagement at work. 'It hardly needs evidence to prove that the happier people are at work the better they perform; apart from the most obvious and beneficial outcome of litigation avoidance, employees themselves identify an immediate and dramatic reduction in their levels of stress with them reporting that this has a long lasting effect." Stuart Paviour (Training Magazine 10/05)

Technology Development: in-house tech team develop bespoke client relationship management database and index of all IPR

Technology Launch: free online learning platform and community for trainers and HR professionals, was launched at HRD week in London's Olympia and soon had over 1000 active members contributing, supporting each other, and sharing knowledge.

Technology Development: the online development of Cari® continues, enabling touchscreen capabilities and instant reporting.

Cari®: global oil and gas company Maria runs Cari® with Valiant Oil and Gas, in their UK and Norway operations. The Cari® Report becomes a major player in the sale of the company.

Maria Paviour Company Ltd Forms Maria establishes the Maria Paviour Company Ltd, and appears at Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference, and World of Learning

Free Public Seminar: Maria ran the neuroscience based, free, 'Happiness as a Life Solution' raising funds for Demelza Hospice Care for Children. (Sussex Express 08/02/13)

Public Speaking: Maria is a speaker at Health and Wellbeing at Work conference (March 2015), Achieving Emotional Engagement at Work, chaired by Nita Clarke (Director, IPA, and Co-Chair Employee Engagement Taskforce)

New premises: we are invited to become members of the Sussex Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex, and move in shortly after!

Technology Development: Maria's original, award winning stress measurement tool receives funding, and working with a strong tech team, develops into an online app, Cari® (the Care and Resilience Index) accessible quickly and easily.

Article: Maria is interviewed by the Argus Business about her work, 'I do an awful lot of skipping' in the We Ask the Questions Segment (The Argus 31/01/17)

Online Cari® Pilot Working with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust, Maria pilots Cari® with over 8000 staff members, supporting them to improve their mental health, resilience and wellbeing. Live covereage by the BBC features Maria using NeuChem® based coaching to help people rewire their thinking (

Public Speaking inTend national procurement conference, London

Public Speaking: Health and Wellbeing @ Work 2018

Public Speaking: alongside Amber Rudd MP, Maria speaks at Future of Work 2025 Conference about Cari® software and the importance of supporting mental health and engagement at work. (Platinum Business Magazine Issue 48 2018)

Public Speaking CIPD, London 2018 - Best Stand in Show

Cari 2020 Vision Project Launches: Working with public sector organisations to roll Cari out free to their people, contributing to the largest study of the mental health and wellbeing of UK public sector workers.

Cari evolves into Artificial Intelligence: Cari's computational skills are beyond compare - picking up subtle nuances hidden to humans, meaning she can offer exactly the support that's needed

Research published : The initial results of Cari 2020 Vision are in, and we publish the report "Brain States: mental health and wellbeing of the public sector"

Cari's consultations are free, forever: as part of our commitment to the Wellbeing Economy, Cari's confidential, online wellbeing consultations are now free to individuals, forever

Wellbeing Economy Alliance: Wellbeing With Cari sign the #buildbusinessbackbetter Pledge