Cari is here for you, with a support plan to suit everyone

Cari Personal

Aimed at individuals seeking confidential support with their wellbeing. Cari is here for you, free forever to support your wellbeing whenever needed.

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Cari Membership

Ideal for membership organisations. Offer Cari as a benefit to your organisations' members. You'll also gain anonymised wellbeing insights from across your membership.

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Cari Care

For private and public organisations (with 50+ employees) that may not have their own in-house wellbeing initiatives in place.

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Cari Synergy

For larger organisations who want to deliver wellbeing support at scale and also drive ROI from existing wellbeing programmes.

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Cari COVID-19 Support

Find out about free consultations with Cari during Covid-19 for individuals, as well as teams working within public sector organisations and private sector businesses.

Support Plans

Cari Personal
Cari Membership
Cari Care
Cari Synergy
Confidential, online wellbeing consultation
Personalised wellbeing report and support plan for each individual, including Cari's specific wellbeing interventions
Your organisation's wellbeing interventions for each individual
Full reports: wellbeing, health and safety, culture, performance, and identification of where to target support for the best ROI
Audit of your existing wellbeing interventions with advice on how to increase your ROI from each of these by up to 10 or 11 times
Risk Assessment Audit – to help you to target your resources to the areas from which you will achieve the quick wins and biggest impact
'Build Business Back Better' Audit for those organisations that want to pivot, establish and leverage the new ‘normal’
3 Week Feedback - three weeks after you launch Cari, we'll provide you with a report on how many of your people are having consultations
5 Week Feedback - five weeks after launch we'll update you on the uptake of Cari consultations with ideas for increasing engagement

8 Week Feedback Meeting - we'll meet the Board/decision makers for your wellbeing strategy and provide results to date with clear insights and next steps

Getting started with Cari: what next?

If you're an individual looking for support with your wellbeing, you can sign up to Cari Personal and access a wellbeing consultation right now.

If you're a smaller SME, or a membership organisation, please contact us to chat about how we can support you.

If you're a large organisation or SME with more than 50 people, fill in the form below to get started.

One of our team will get in touch to get you up and running - sometimes within 48 hours!

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Meet Cari

Feeling curious about how super Cari really is, why not try her yourself?

Your consultation with Cari will last around 20 minutes, and you’ll get a confidential personalised report with solutions to boost your wellbeing right away.

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