Cari’s Packages for Employee Wellbeing

Neuroscience-based Employee Wellbeing and Performance Platform

Cari is a neuroscience-based employee wellbeing and performance platform for private sector, public sector and membership organisations.

Cari is available in two packages, Cari Care and Cari Supercharged.

Read on to discover the wealth of functionality that Cari provides for both your HR/Wellbeing Departments and all your people, along with our unlimited world-class consultancy, engagement and technical support.

You can also talk to us about Cari Synergy  – our wellbeing coaching and strategic consultancy services.

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“Cari has greatly enhanced the employee wellbeing offer within our mental health agenda. She provides a great balance of neuroscience-based online support, with links to real people for coaching and workshops as needed. Team members say they are ‘massively impressed’ and Cari’s support is ‘very insightful’. Cari really is a no brainer for organisations to help improve happiness and performance. She’s available 24/7, so we can always be helping our people – and reducing the stress on our HR team!”

– Carol Fox – Occupational Health and Safety, Shropshire Council, October 2020

Cari is here for you, 24/7, 365, with employee wellbeing support and management data


Neuroscience-based, confidential, online wellbeing consultations and personalised wellbeing support plans everyone. Get the data you need to fulfil your duty of care to your people. Monitor organisational wellbeing and performance at a granular level.

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Fully integrate Cari with your existing HR systems. Wellbeing consultations and personalised support plans that also signpost to your own suite of wellbeing services. Increase engagement and drive more ROI from your existing investments in wellbeing and performance.

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Employee Wellbeing Platform - Data Dashboard Screenshot - Wellbeing with Cari

For Your HR and Employee Wellbeing Departments

Setting up Cari as your AI-enabled employee wellbeing platform is quick and simple.

You’ll soon be ready to send a link to all your employees to connect with Cari for their wellbeing consultation and personalised support plan.

And your real-time wellbeing data dashboard will be lighting up, giving you all the insights and reporting you need. No more drowning in survey data analysis!

See the table below for a comprehensive list of how Cari supports your employee wellbeing strategy, reduces presenteeism and can be integrated into your HR team.

For your HR & Wellbeing Departments

Access to your wellbeing data dashboard – enabling you to monitor
organisational wellbeing in real-time. Cari drives people to your
in-house of contracted wellbeing services, to provide a 10x Return
on investment from all your wellbeing interventions.
Realtime insights into the 4 quartiles of wellbeing so that you know
how many people are at each level and therefore how to plan your
Reporting on 40 wellbeing stats providing a picture of specific needs
and issues for your organisation

  • Stress Risk Assessment
  • Work/Life Balance Report
  • Duty of Care Analysis
  • Workplace Ecology Insights
The balance in positive vs negative in state based on 5 key
organisational wellbeing areas providing insights into engagement
levels as well as wellbeing and mental health
Enabling you to monitor organisational wellbeing at granular
levels – from teams to directorates and therefore target
your spend or resources and maximise you ROI
Cari provides top level recommendations for easy to
implement in house wellbeing strategies and tactics
that will give best results according to the data
enabling paid and targeted improvements in wellbeing
that lead to improvements across the entire organisation
Cari provides anonymous feedback to the organisation
on voting preferences providing HR and Wellbeing leads
with in the moment feedback to support higher engagement
levels in your wellbeing initiatives
By providing bespoke and targeted interventions, and
ensuring that the right service is offered to the right
person, in the right way and at the right time, Cari
gives you comfort to know that your wellbeing services
and even EAP can become defensible to protecting your
reputation as well as reducing costs of litigation, but
most importantly protecting all your people
Diversity reporting to provide insights into wellbeing
according to protected characteristics, fulfilling your
duty of care, improving performance and maximising the
benefits of a strong, diverse culture
Employees on sickness absence receive optimal wellbeing
and mental health support, mitigating mental health issues
early and increasing speed of return to work.
Cari ensures that any employees who unfortunately have
accidents at work are able to access mental health support
to improve speed of recovery and a supported return to work
and full fitness
Monitor the wellbeing levels of people leaving the
organisation to tackle any negative factors and
tactically increase staff retention
Fast results from a variety of pulse surveys that can be used at
any time, to monitor happiness, wellbeing and emotional engagement
enabling keeping you on top of wellbeing matters every day.
Manage employee access to your in-house coaches:
add additional coaches and remove as and when needed
ensuring that your people get access to and connect
with your trained, qualified and prepared in house
coaches for support. Cari manages your wellbeing
coaches and counsellors and their consultations
With full command of the many amazing features
that Cari has to offer, you can take control:
design, schedule, launch and manage your own
wellbeing support tools, including Cari Pulse
surveys, and full Cari Consultations, build in
your own initiatives and interventions, and make
Cari your very own, unique wellbeing super assistant.
You have the power; you have the technology.
Cari can provide all the following reports giving
you full control and access to the numbers and
information that supports your organisation, at
the right time and with full confidentiality
and security

  • Culture Spotlight Report
  • Financial Impact Reports
  • Organisation Brain Performance Report
  • Cari Leadership Support 360 Report
  • Health habits Report
  • Cari Announce Report
Employee Wellbeing Platform - User Consultation Screenshot - Wellbeing with Cari

For Your People

Your employees can complete their confidential, online wellbeing consultation as often as needed. And you may ask them to complete at other times – such as when returning from sick leave.

They will always receive a detailed report with a personalised wellbeing support plan that is right for what they need at that moment. This includes details of movements that can improve their wellbeing in just two minutes, a 15 minute assessment with a NeuChem® coach and a 21 day happiness programme.

In the supercharged package, the support plan also includes signposting to your relevant employee wellbeing initiatives that are right for that person at that moment – and much more!

Cari’s AI and neuroscience-based questions means that she can detect nuances in an individual’s responses to see behind a brave face – making the invisible, visible, so you can solve presenteeism.

See the table below to review the employee wellbeing functionality available for in the two Cari packages.

For Your People

Cari provides confidential, online, neuroscience-based wellbeing
consultations and personalised support plans. She give a fast, real-time
measure of an individual’s wellbeing and signposts to additional help as
needed. Unlike humans, AI enabled Cari is totally without bias and able
to identify the most subtle of nuances in someone’s responses. Fast results
from a variety of pulse surveys that can be used at any time, to monitor
happiness, wellbeing and emotional engagement enabling keeping you on
top of wellbeing matters every day.
Cari provides people with their own wellbeing profile and insight
into wellbeing levels, using complex, neuroscience based algorithms.
Cari’s highly nuanced data reading shows how are people thinking
– and also how they feel. This reading and reporting on individuals’
‘hidden mental health’ is reported as 94% accurate
People can see the four energy gauges that identify their engagement
and satisfaction levels in the workplace, validating their state so
that they are able to understand target improvements to their mental
Cari’s built in, supportive resources including BENDS, 21 Day
Happiness Challenge, Cari Talks
People are signposted to generally available interventions and
services and highlights those services that will be most helpful
according to the client’s
current mental health, wellbeing and
brain state
Cari provides people with guidance regarding immediate ways to improve
for support their current levels of wellbeing in the moment
, ensuring
every Cari Client receives the right support in the right way and at
the right time, according to their specific needs
Cari will nudge people to access support through her confidential wellbeing
follow up and support emails, providing encouragement to seek the right
support whilst remaining 100% confidential
Cari connects with every individual directly as and when required to launch
and run wellbeing consultations – increasing engagement in wellbeing
initiatives to 30-40% of your staff
Users will be able to see the overall Cari score and ‘light touch’
recommendations that Cari is making for the organisation in terms
of easy to implement wellbeing interventions thereby increasing
engagement and involvement in the organisation and its needs
Employees will see, and be able to vote, upon those of Cari’s
recommendations for wellbeing strategies for the organisation
thereby giving a sense of empowerment and agency to every
individual and increasing the uptake of Cari within the
organisation as a whole
Recommending and connecting people to your organisation’s unique
and specific wellbeing interventions ensuring you deliver the right
thing, to the right person, in the right way and the right time
for maximum ROI: My Courses; My Resources; My Coach
If you currently have EAP provision, you can choose to have it ‘powered by Cari’ and this will target and promote its use meaning the return on investment you receive will increase tenfold.
Confidential wellbeing coaching: Cari enables people to instantly review, select and book their personal, qualified Cari coach. Our neuroscience-trained coaches will provide an initial assessment and tailored support session. For more in-depth coaching provision, please ask about our Cari Synergy packages.
People can see a picture of their current brain state, and
how that impacts on their performance in the moment – and
what they can do to instantly ‘switch on’ the right brain
state for maximum performance.
Leaders receive supportive 360 degree feedback from Cari
that acknowledges their strengths and recognises their
important role in organisational wellbeing and performance;
providing them with the simple tools to ensure they are
able to support to their teams to deliver at spectacular

“We implemented Cari because we recognised that it was better to have useful insights, rather than remaining ignorant when it comes to mental health and employee wellbeing in our organisation. It’s so important to have data about your workforce so you can act upon it to improve performance and reduce the risk of litigious issues …

Cari is very straightforward to set up. I found her consultations uncannily accurate. I can’t recommend Cari highly enough for building resilience and enhancing performance.”

– Director: Transformation, HR and Organisational Development, South East UK organisation

Your Cari Investment

We have made our prices as affordable as possible, so that every workplace can benefit from the strategic wellbeing data, rich AI functionality and personalised employee wellbeing support that Cari provides for everyone. It’s all part of our commitment to the Wellbeing Economy.

With Cari you will receive unlimited technical and consultancy support, for as long as you need it, from our:

  • World-class wellbeing consultants – led by Sarah Restall. We’ll help you to optimise everything Cari provides, and ensure you achieve your strategic objectives and ROI. We’re here to hand-hold you every step of the way, from set up to interpreting reports and actioning next steps. You’re not alone!
  • Comms and Engagement Team – to ensure you reach as many of your people as possible, achieve high levels of engagement and positive messages are shared
  • Tech Team – who work with you on technical set up and provide training too – but if you don’t have time, we are here to do it for you!

And, don’t forget, integral to your Cari package is the option for your people to book a NeuChem qualified coach session immediately. By using neuroscience techniques you can fast track the benefits of progressing to an empowered and healthy brain state – sometimes in minutes!

In 2020, Deloitte’s research said the overall cost of poor employee mental health is averaged at £1652 per person per year in the private sector and £1716 in the public sector. Presenteeism is the largest contributing cost (ie coming to work despite poor health and underperforming), followed by absenteeism and staff turnover.

With Cari as your employee wellbeing platform, you will enable your organisation to:
• reveal presentees and support them in the right way and the right time
• increase brain performance, boost productivity and support health and safety at work
• provide over a 10x return on investment from your employee wellbeing interventions (because she meets all four of Deloitte’s 2020 best practice criteria: preventative, large scale, uses technology and provides tailored support)
• offer a valued employee benefit that demonstrates that you love all your people and support their wellbeing both proactively, as a preventative measure, and when they are in need

Up to 250 employees:
• Cari Care £5 per person per month
• Cari Supercharged £10 per person per month

More than 250 employees:
Please contact us for a quote that is cost-effective, feasible and fair.
Our belief is that if we are fair to you, you will be fair to us.
That seems like a good place to start talking business …

Wellbeing Coaching and Strategic Consultancy

Through our accredited team and partners we can also provide a quote for our Cari Synergy consultancy services.

These include neuroscience-based Wellbeing and Performance Coaching, Strategic Wellbeing Consultancy and Learning & Development Support.

Find out more about wellbeing support and consultancy.

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Find out how Cari could help you to successfully address presenteeism and reach your organisations’ strategic wellbeing goals!

“We found that quite quickly after providing Cari, staff were learning about themselves, feeling happier and implementing her advice. My own consultation was very accurate.”

Simon Ralton, HR Business Partner, Watford Borough Council & Three Rivers District Council

“Cari has greatly enhanced the wellbeing offer within our mental health agenda. Team members say they are ‘massively impressed’. Cari’s available 24/7, so we can always be helping our people – and reducing the stress on our HR team!”

Carol Fox, Occupational Health and Safety, Shropshire Council

“Well I was impressed with Cari. She got me so well. I like the resources and tips in the support plan. It is excellent that these can be tailored to suit an organisation with signposting for further support if required.”

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, Manor Royal BID

“Cari provides employers with a proactive base to discharge their duty of care from both a statutory and common law perspective. I commend Cari to any organisation.”

Borough Lawyer, Bracknell Forest Council