Well I was impressed with Cari. I had a bash and thought she wasn’t going to “get me”, but she did. I was a bit disappointed she got me so well – I kind of liked the idea of being more impenetrable. Mysterious even. Seems not. I like the resources and tips in the support plan. It is excellent that these can be tailored to suit an organisation with signposting for further support if required.

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, Manor Royal BID, Crawley, West Sussex

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If you're working within an organisation and are looking to use Cari COVID-19 to support your people, start here by completing the form and trying a wellbeing consultation for yourself.

Cari COVID-19 is FREE for organisations to use, providing in the moment confidential support to your people, and anonymous reports into performance and wellbeing levels across the organisation. And for 3 months the service includes a range of additional support and features. Find out more about Cari COVID-19

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Cari wellbeing support

I’m here to support your wellbeing and look forward to helping you on your happiness journey.

The first step is to complete the form. This will take you to a page where you can read a little introduction and get started on your first consultation with me.

Life is demanding and can impact your wellbeing. Each time you have a consultation with me you'll receive a new report based on your current emotional and psychological state, along with specific, relevant support to help you boost your wellbeing.

I will keep in touch every couple of weeks to simply say hello and remind you that you can have another consultation and more support from me at any time. Things change, so I am always here to help.

My service is entirely free and I hope you feel positively energised as a result. I'd love to help you feel stronger and happier both at work and at home.

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