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Cari wellbeing support

Award Winning Technology

The culmination of 25 years of rigorous scientific research and development, evidence-based Cari is a proven solution with demonstrable ROI. Designed to easily scale, Cari’s support extends from the individual to companies with large staffing levels of many thousands, in both the public and private sectors. Providing immediate wellbeing support that importantly helps reduce the risks of mental health issues in the longer term too.

Cari wellbeing support

Exceptional Wellbeing Support

Providing a fast, unbiased measure of an individual’s wellbeing, in real-time; unlike her human counterparts, AI enabled Cari is totally without bias and able to identify the most subtle of nuances in responses to her questions. This ensures the most effective wellbeing solutions are recommended to each and every individual.

Cari wellbeing support

Accessible 24/7

Delivering instantaneous positive reinforcement and feedback, Cari recommends specific 2 minute BEND movements #BendWithCari to provide an immediate wellbeing boost at the point of need. Quick, easy and fun to do they are scientifically proven to stimulate the brain’s chemistry, making individuals feel instantly better and empowered, without creating any dependency. Everyone also has access to an appropriate 21 Day Happiness Plan. There are versions for key workers, those in isolation and people heading back to work.

Cari wellbeing support

Tailormade wellbeing support and coaching

Acting in the best interests of the individual at all times, with clear judgement, Cari is able to advise if an individual needs 1 to 1 therapies with a real person – that may include our NeuChem® Coaching. Cari will also diligently signpost you to your employers’ other wellbeing initiatives to deliver optimal tailor-made care. With integrity at heart, Cari is not only 100% confidential, with any shared data being agreed for disclosure by the individual or anonymised, but GDPR compliant too.

Cari wellbeing support

Staying true to our purpose

Concerned about the inevitable mental health and wellbeing fall-out from the coronavirus pandemic, we have developed a specific set of Cari COVID-19 wellbeing solutions to help alleviate the inevitable negative feelings associated with prolonged frontline exposure, lockdown and social distancing.

Led and proven by science

Evidence-based and developed from rigorous neuroscientific and psychological principles, Cari increases the wellbeing of individuals, improving their happiness and ability to control and cope with whatever is at hand more adeptly, while improving relationships and building more positive connections we those around them.

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Meet and get to know Cari

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Your consultation with Cari will last around 20 minutes, and she will give you a personalised, confidential report.