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What is a BEND?

How do BENDs work?

It all comes down to nature and the way our bodies are hard-wired. We’re all familiar with the way in which our brain controls our body.

Our brain sends a signal to make our body move, but the way our body moves also sends signals back to our brain. It’s a constant feedback loop if you like. We think - we move. We move - we think.

Our thoughts and emotions are the result of a complex chain of chemical and electrical reactions that are interpreted and regulated by the brain.

Continuously releasing excessive amounts of norepinephrine and cortisol will make you feel energised, but eventually may cause you to feel anxious.

On the other hand, a release of dopamine can help you feel alive and good, or serotonin can help you to feel relaxed and content.

Acting as a non-dependent trigger, BEND movements produce the necessary chemistry in the brain to make you feel immediately better, in the exactly the same way that your favourite foods, music or dancing does.

Why are BENDs fun?

We’ve deliberately made BENDs as fun as possible, because the more fun you have, the better you feel and the better you feel the better you will function, perform and generally enjoy life.

It's one of the reasons why dancing makes us feel so good.

So do try to let go and have some real fun with the BENDs as it will help reinforce that all important feel good factor and ensure you look forward to doing them.

We really want them to be little bursts of positivity for you, whenever you need them most, whether these are gentle, calming or energising.

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Cari Isolation Comfort BENDs

Specific BENDs to help you cope with feelings of isolation

Wellbeing BEND

Missing the love? This BEND helps you to remember that you matter, even when you are on your own.

Reassuring BEND

Letting molehills become mountains? This BEND stops those little worries from taking hold and becoming bigger.

Joyful BEND

Feeling alone? Being in isolation doesn’t mean you need to feel isolated, shout out to your neighbours and spread some much needed joy!

Cari Energy Boost BENDs

Specific BENDs to help get you energised for the day ahead.

Energising BEND

Need a quick boost? This BEND gets all the good chemicals in your brain wide awake and working for you.

Persistence BEND

Struggling to keep going? This rewarding BEND helps keep you on the right track.

Positivity BEND

Feeling a bit blue? This BEND helps you quickly attain a can-do state of mind, even when you’re feeling a little down.

Cari Calm Control BENDs

Specific BENDs to help you sleep well and increase your emotional resilience.

Calming BEND

Things getting on top of you? This BEND quietens mental chatter, confusion and worry, helping you get into a feeling of calm confidence and capability

Coping BEND

Feeling like things are getting on top of you? This BEND helps you deal with everything the day has thrown at you

Sleep BEND

Not getting a good night’s sleep? This BEND helps you to get off to sleep well and quickly back to sleep if you wake in the night

Survival BEND

Feel like you’re not coping at all? For those times when you feel it's just way too difficult to cope with it all on your own

Stress BEND

Feeling stressed out and irritable? To get rid of any tension and stress you feel in your neck and shoulders, and rid yourself of stressful thinking

Balance BEND

Feeling tense, or on edge? This BEND helps you antidote the brain chemistry that makes your brain feel wired so that you can achieve calm.