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Free Wellbeing Consultations and Support Plans for Businesses - Forever

16th June 2020: by Maria Paviour - founder of Cari - connect with me on LinkedIn

We all know that individual wellbeing levels directly impact on performance (at work and at home), but it's often very difficult with so many other financial priorities to implement at scale.

And in our current environment it's paramount that you support all your people right away isn't it?

And if we're being business-like about this, as well as wanting to truly look after your team, you need to deliver on your duty of care responsibilities (to avoid any potential issues later).

We want SMEs and large businesses to be able to provide meaningful mental wellbeing support to all their people forever, not just during COVID-19.

So we've decided to change everything. To give more. And really embrace the wellbeing economy.

Cari Wellbeing Consultations and Personalised Support Plans are now free forever.

And we have a package of other benefits and services free for 3 months too.

Nothing should stop you driving forward your wellbeing and resilience culture programmes.

Who is Cari exactly?

Cari is your AI-enabled Wellbeing Super Assistant who can work alongside your team to help boost wellbeing and performance.

She offers confidential online Wellbeing Consultations and Personalised Support Plans based on psychology and neuroscience. She can analyse tiny nuances in someone’s responses and sees behind a brave face in ways that a human can’t.

Importantly, she connects those in need to further support from a person that can help them in the right way, as well as signposting to your other wellbeing initiatives to boost their ROI.

Cari is proven to provide outstanding results, accurately scoring wellbeing at 92% and increasing wellbeing by up to 29%.

She's had consultations with over 20,000 people already in large and small organisations in the public and private sector. She knows what she's doing.

What does a consultation and support plan look like?

Cari provides a 20 minute online consultation - you simply send out a link to your people so they can engage with her (as often as needed).

She is an award-winning online survey tool that has evolved into a sophisticated and compassionate artificial intelligence using questions based on psychology and neuroscience.

After the consultation, each person will receive a personalised wellbeing support plan related to their current emotional and psychological state.

Cari’s personalised support plan includes the following:

  • Free for 3 months in support of COVID-19:
  • Signposts to your existing wellbeing initiatives – so you continue to increase their ROI
  • Employers can view anonymous, aggregated wellbeing scores and statistics in an online dashboard
  • A 21 day happiness plan which is tailored to key workers, those in isolation and people returning to work
  • And for those that need it, a direct connection to uplifting practical workshops or one to one coaching support provided by a neuroscience qualified practitioners
  • Free forever via the Cari Personal Plan:
  • Personal wellbeing scores in 'real-time', helping your employees make sense of their emotions and deal with any wellbeing issues early
  • Fun 2 minute movements (known as BENDs) that are easy to do and scientifically proven to produce the necessary chemistry in the brain to make you feel immediately better

Feeling curious about Cari?

You are very welcome to have a free consultation with Cari yourself so you can test out what your people would experience. (You'll receive a personalised report and solutions to boost your wellbeing right away.)

Well I was impressed with Cari. I had a bash and thought she wasn’t going to “get me”, but she did. I was a bit disappointed she got me so well – I kind of liked the idea of being more impenetrable. Mysterious even. Seems not. I like the resources and tips in the support plan. It is excellent that these can be tailored to suit an organisation with signposting for further support if required.

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, Manor Royal BID, Crawley, West Sussex

So with Cari on your team, there is no more worrying about budgets or changes of direction or cost cutting. Cari is there for your people to proactively help with their wellbeing 24/7.

She can work tirelessly with your team to deliver optimal wellbeing results – and ensure you are meeting your duty of care. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our mission at Wellbeing with Cari is to champion global wellbeing. We'd love to help you and everyone in your organisation. Please get in touch for a chat.

If you're interested in learning more about our commitment to the wellbeing economy, do read our recent blog. And there’s another explaining what Wellbeing Economics really means for us.

It’s worth taking a look at an article explaining the brain science behind why EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes) should sit alongside wellbeing consultations too. They provide very different support.

Don't forget to take a free wellbeing consultation with Cari yourself!

16th June 2020: by Maria Paviour - founder of Cari - connect with me on LinkedIn

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