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Wellbeing With Cari: who we are

Maria Paviour, the founder of Wellbeing with Cari, is a registered Occupational Psychologist, Biologist, Educationalist and Amazon best selling author. Cari is her brainchild.

Leaf CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

The new buzz word in the 1980’s, when Maria started her journey into employee mental health, was ‘stress.’ Thinking has developed since then and, whether you are a public or private sector organisation, wellbeing is about balancing energy, action and performance, as well as supportive restoration.

With the strong scientifically-based view that wellbeing and performance are intrinsically linked, Maria delivered, as a board director for a national media company, a direct increase in company profits of 5% through the careful and appropriate use of IT and human intervention. This work consequently won a National Award for Organisational Development.

CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Maria’s continued work in the field of psychology, wellbeing and software development resulted in the ‘birthing’ of Cari, who came to life in 1997; consequently winning two UK Government Awards and a European Award in 1997 and 1998. This groundbreaking work was quoted by two UK Prime Ministers as examples of excellence, resulting in a formal visit from Rt. Hon. Barbara Roche MP Minister for Small Businesses which was featured on BBC TV and radio news and in the national press.

Cari started as a wellbeing survey software tool, but in 2019 Cari evolved dramatically into a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. She is able to connect with people, encourage them to speak about mental health and wellbeing issues and provide tailored advice and guidance.

Cari has provided over 100,000 people with wellbeing consultations in many public and private sector organisations.

Maria Paviour has established herself as a thought leader in neuroscience for business and has written three business text books on psychology, organisational development and neuroscience. She is an international conference speaker on wellbeing and performance at work.

Maria has also established a school of neuroscience based coaching and training, and is currently embarking on her PhD on wellbeing at work.

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